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Each Facebook page comes with a space that shows various other pages that your brand likes, that is known as “featured likes . Check the example below: The pages that your brand likes generate an excellent potential for networking and advertising. I make use of the likes on your Facebook page as a business relevant source of information so page viewers will know who influences me and what in the world you actually do. You can utilize the featured likes to publicize brand names that you like. Small Organizations Get it done More beneficial is an excellent resource for small enterprise owners, in which there I also prefer to promote. The bottom  [ Read More ]

Rembember the  days when only you first time seen the Google page? Or when there was a Netscape icon on every website? Or when Facebook was not familiar to all even in US? That was the time of World Wide Web from mid to late 1990s, when you only find some links and text. This time I will show you the first look of the top 10 most popular websites  [ Read More ]

Facebook users users (including some cute friends) are warning each other, posting on their walls that the world’s biggest social network will soon charging some bucks for a membership to its users due to the upcoming profile changes. Since this hoax went viral and spread like fire in forest so quickly, those scammers are trying now again, with fake prices this time. Here is one of the messages which I  [ Read More ]

What if your Facebook account was suddenly disabled? This has happened to thousands of users. If you thinking of closing your facebook account, what about all your data? I guess you do not want to loose that. If you think so, or if you want to download and backup all your facebook account data in your hard disk. Here I am going to show you a simple process to backup  [ Read More ]

10. Craigslist Changed classified ads Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums. Craig Newmark began the service in 1995 as an email distribution list of friends, featuring local events in the San Francisco Bay Area, before becoming a web-based service in 1996. After incorporation as a private  [ Read More ]

A new feature added by Facebook, you are now allowed to delete your creadte pages which was not there in Facebook before. Facebook recently introduced many new features for Facebook fan pages like changed misspled Facebook fan-page name, wall spam filter. Most of the time you may want to delete Facebook fan page because because you have selected a wrong name, wrong category or misspelled something while creating facebook pages.  [ Read More ]

If you tend to fall for Facebook posts like “Lose 18 pounds now!” or “WTF I can’t believe this picture of you is online!” I can’t help you. But if you’d like to secure your Facebook sessions from hackers and spies, you’re in luck. Facebook is introduting a new long-awaited security feature to enables HTTPS encryption through out your Facebook session. This feature encrypts incoming and outgoing data during Facebook  [ Read More ]

According to multiple sources Facebook is ready to launch a 3rd party commenting system for its users in some weeks. Anyone in the world can post comments and get replies on Facebook from plan panel experts on specific issue.. Now Facebook works as engine behind comments system on digital publications and high profile blogs soon. For its launch, Facebook also planning to partner with major media companies and blogs to  [ Read More ]

As the smartphone war rages on, Google’s Android platform, which powers more than 100 smartphone models, continues to rack up market share. Of course, the availability of quality apps contributes to Android’s growth. Here are some of our new favorites, most of them free, to try ahead of the new year. 1. DoubleTwist The DoubleTwist Player for Android that debuted in the Android Market this week is a good-looking alternative  [ Read More ]

iPhone apps run the gamut from serious business to entertaining games. Price and quality are all over the board but no matter the budget, time-constraint, or attention span, there’s one that fits the bill. 1. Paper Toss Have you ever been bored at work, crumpled up a piece of paper and counted how many times you can make it in a small trash can? Has your boss ever gone out  [ Read More ]

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