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eye test online Snellen Eye TestEye Care Professionals say that you should get your eyes checked every 2 years, even if they are normal. It may be possible that you may not get the chance to visit a doctor all this time. So now, I am going to tell you how can you can you test your vision on your computer or laptop.

You only get some idea about how bad or good your vision is by following below steps. These self eye vision tests are not alternative for visiting your doctor, you can just get an idea.

Many of us are familiar with the Snellen Eye Chart, that is made of different sizes of alphabets in different rows. You read these alphabets/letters from a distance, and the smallest letter row you read successfully indicates how good or bad your vision is.

Today, there are many eye vision testing tools are available in the internet and all of them make use of the same Snellen Chart.

Start testing your eye vision/eyesight online

While performing the tests, cover your one eye and read all the letters from top to bottom, then cover the other eye and read them again. When unable to read the characters, just stop!

Start with University at bufallo’s IVAC online eyes test tool. Get a physical rulerruler for online test in your hand to measure the length of the line you see on the screen, keeping in mide that the length of the line will vary depending on your screen resolution. Then from your computer/laptop screen measure the distance of oyur eyes. Now start reading the letters on the screen and press ‘smaller’ to decrease the size of the letters.

Other online tools to check your eyesight on your computer:

ThinkQuest: A flash based online eye testing tool. It require a 15″/17″/19″ monitor for the test.Now keep yourself stand four  feet from the screen and follow the instructions given on-screen. When you no longer read letters, hit stop button and it will automatically show your visual acuity.


EyeExamOnline: Have an eye test in this online eye exam, get a quick result if you have headache or got a hard time to focus on text. It might be time do an eye exam now. Link

FreeVisionTest:  A resource for vision-related information, products, and services that offers unique online vision tests and a provider database to search for optometrists, opthamologists, opticians, and other providers in your area. Link

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