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From many days I was searching the internet for a service which can shedule an email for sending in future time or date. You may ask me “why I want future schedule mails??” Well, for example: I have a busy life and I don’t want to miss wishing my friend’s wedding or his/her birthday. With Deferred Sender, you always make sure to schedule an email to send timely to your friend on their wedding/birthday, or for any occasion. My another reason is i cannot remember all the meetings i need to attend. And previously it was difficult for me to remember all the events and i missed some of the important events. There are many other reasons to schedule emails.

send scheculed mail in future date time

Today, I fine a very nice and easy to use service that can help you to send a future mail can be scheduled for anytime/any day. It does not matter if you are using Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail or any other mail service. It works well with any email service provider.

About Deferred Sender

Just go to Deferred Sender, register yourself by entering your email address and by checking – I agree to all Terms of use. You will get an email with your password and activation link. You have to confirm your email first. After confirming your mail you can edit your preferences i.e. Name, Time zone, change password and notifications settings.

After saving your preference, you may want to log out. About Deferred Sender, the best thing is that you don’t have to log in to the website each time you want to schedule an email to send in future time/date. You can send mail directly from the service you were using before like Gmail, yahoo, etc.

How to Schedule Emails on Deferred Sender

After saving your preferences, just close the site and compose a new mail from your regular email account, you need to repeat this step every time you want to schedule an email. You need to use a specific format while mail composition. The default recipient always will be deferred@deferredsender.com and write the subject whatever you want appear i the main email.

Under the body of the email, the first line you need to write is to {the email address you want to send this email to}, the second line for CC and third line is for BCC. If you are not going to use CC and BCC, use the time format in the second line. After that you should write your main message in the body that you want to send to the recipient. See an example below:

deferred-sender.com send email at a schedule time future time

You need to use a specific format for the mail to be delivered. Below are the examples:

afternoon tomorrow
tomorrow at 11:15am
next month
this Tuesday
sat 3 in the morning
Monday 9 in the morning
Friday 7pm
5 in the evening
tue 4:45
Monday 4:45
in 4 days
in 9 hours

For more examples, formats and help go to Help page of Deferred Sender.

So, you are not going to miss wishing any meetings, birthdays or any event from now. Deferred sender is very easy to use, even a child can use it. Just give it a try and write in the comments below what you think about this service.

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