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Each Facebook page comes with a space that shows various other pages that your brand likes, that is known as “featured likes . Check the example below: The pages that your brand likes generate an excellent potential for networking and advertising. I make use of the likes on your Facebook page as a business relevant source of information so page viewers will know who influences me and what in the world you actually do. You can utilize the featured likes to publicize brand names that you like. Small Organizations Get it done More beneficial is an excellent resource for small enterprise owners, in which there I also prefer to promote. The bottom  [ Read More ]

Rembember the  days when only you first time seen the Google page? Or when there was a Netscape icon on every website? Or when Facebook was not familiar to all even in US? That was the time of World Wide Web from mid to late 1990s, when you only find some links and text. This time I will show you the first look of the top 10 most popular websites  [ Read More ]

Symantec has pull away an update to its Norton user security software that branded Facebook a phishing site on Wednesday :-O This misjudgement meant that users of Norton Internet Security were blocked from accessing the most popular social networking site and were told a “fraudulent web page” had been blocked, as seen in a discussion thread on Symantec’s support forums here. Symantec responded to the problem within a few hours.  [ Read More ]

Facebook users users (including some cute friends) are warning each other, posting on their walls that the world’s biggest social network will soon charging some bucks for a membership to its users due to the upcoming profile changes. Since this hoax went viral and spread like fire in forest so quickly, those scammers are trying now again, with fake prices this time. Here is one of the messages which I  [ Read More ]

What if your Facebook account was suddenly disabled? This has happened to thousands of users. If you thinking of closing your facebook account, what about all your data? I guess you do not want to loose that. If you think so, or if you want to download and backup all your facebook account data in your hard disk. Here I am going to show you a simple process to backup  [ Read More ]

What is Entropay? If you do not know what Entropay is, Entropay offers VISA and MasterCard virtual prepaid credit cards; EntroPay is the simple, instant, global solution for making and receiving online payments. It allows you to register and generate virtual debit cards instantly. Users can use these Virtual Prepaid Credit Card online on any website that accepts Visa payments. You can generate any amount of Virtual Prepaid Credit Card. It  [ Read More ]

Eye Care Professionals say that you should get your eyes checked every 2 years, even if they are normal. It may be possible that you may not get the chance to visit a doctor all this time. So now, I am going to tell you how can you can you test your vision on your computer or laptop. You only get some idea about how bad or good your vision  [ Read More ]

You all probably know that Facebook CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg launched the site in early 2004, but do you know the facts that the service now boasts 500+ million users, as of July 2010? Or, do you know that Facebook generated between $600-700 million (Rs. 26,84,71,80,000 – Rs. 31,32,17,10,000)in revenue during 2009? Incoming search terms:facebook business modelbusiness behind facebookTHE BUSINESS

Nowadays, more and more people using Social Media and Social Network to increase presence online, to share content and to gain followers. Today, there are ways to earn money only by sharing someone else’s content in twitter. Here below I am listings some of them: Sponsored Tweets Sponsored Tweets is marketplace that provides twitter advertising through twitter based sponsored conversations.   MyLikes MyLikes is word-of-mouth advertising platform that connects advertisers  [ Read More ]

Today we live in the world of technology, every work you were doing manually now can be done automatically with the help of computers. Everything is getting online, including business. So, the concept of mental or manual labour lines also shifted to online version. Today, many people are earning sufficient for their living online from various internet business and many of them are only online based and no physical presence.  [ Read More ]

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Each Facebook page comes with a space that shows various other pages that your brand likes, that ...

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[caption id="attachment_569" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Norton blocks Facebook as phishing site"][/caption] Symantec ...

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